Bru Full Solution

Thank you Brigitte, for exploitation on the circle of linen. Now, we are going to have a look at Bru Full Solution.

First, let’s have a look at the vision of Bru in regards to their role as converter. Traditionally, there is a positioning of buying and selling within the converting process. Bru looks at it a little different. Firstly, before buying, Bru creates added value, they add in this process.

Secondly, for a maximum customer support, Bru offers their customers additional value during the pre-transaction and post-transaction.


The Bru value chain is combined with Bru Full Solution and is consist of: create value, communicate value, deliver value, capture value and secure value.

Create value

Bru Full Solution creates value such as product development with the in-house design studio. The Bru owned certified lab makes sure all fabric standards are met.

Communicating value

An in-house sample production ensures all standards are classified with close customer corporation. Market support is used to provide customers with marketing tools such as visual support.

Deliver value

A cutting-edge operating system makes sure Bru support is highly reliable. Logistical solutions and corporation with the customers are developed. This is to ensure that we can manage to customise the logistical service and performance to the customers’ demands.

Capture value

A proactive Salesforce will ensure a corporation is on a/an correct/fortunate/accurate level with exchanging value. This is an important part of the process, it make sure that customers’ wishes and demands can be fulfilled within the Bru Full Solution.

Securing value 

There are many strategies used within the Bru Full Solution, including financial support is added to this process. It comes in different ways depending on the way corporations are being built and how intense that is.

Taking a step back to the production and product development of the assortment. One of the key goals is to make beauty & authenticity affordable. This is the position where Bru is in the innovation circle.


In the beginning of the innovation circle, authenticity is the leading element. The challenge of Bru is in the middle of the market’s mass volume. Scaling interior design fabrics for mass consumption is the main challenge.

The first element there is price, to be successful in the middle part of this chart. Bru has to meet the price expectation.

Secondly, the performance of the products, high standards must be set to meet with a certain type of product.

Most importantly, Bru has to get as close as possible to the identical product.


Thank you for listening and viewing this Bru Academy presentation number one.

I hope to see you back with one of the other presentations of Bru Academy.

Have a nice day!