Bru Full Solution | Wholesaler

Bru is the leading international lifestyle company. And presents, the Bru Full Solution. This is an intergraded A to Z solution for wide range of drapery, upholstery and multi-purpose fabrics. Covering a large variety of fabric compositions, uses, and design. With Bru Full Solution, Bru supplies knowledge and innovation to textile distributors and manufacturers. Bru Full Solution has eight valuable services, which stimulate business growth.


The Bru Full solution valuable services have helped Bru to sell hundreds of millions of meters over the last two decades.

On the right side of the column we see the two areas where we still have our ambition and space for growth, and that is where number six the proactive Salesforce is active.

The last two columns presents proactive salesforce. This is where our ambitions lies and there is space for growth.

In this video we have talked about:

  • profiles of wholesalers in different perspectives
  • the footprint of Bru in wholesale industry and its challenges
  • challenges of sales process in the wholesale industry
  • meeting customers expectation
  • value escalation scheme

Thank you so much for your attention, I hope it was enjoyable and educational.

And I hope to see you back in one of the other BruAcademy presentations.