Brugle - TwinBru Web Portal

Brugle is Bru’s web portal for customers. It offers all information about products a customer has exclusivity for. It also allows for the tracking of orders and invoices statuses, as well as access to view and download all kinds of marketing support materials.

The portal’s most important features are:

  • Stock availability for specific articles
  • The option to find alternatives for a product, should the desired product quantity not be available
  • Search for products based on a broad set of filter criteria (e.g. end use, design type, characteristics, colour, weight, composition, etc.)
  • Check the status of an order and invoice lines
  • View and download product imagery (i.e. flat shots, rendered visualisations, room shots and room scenes, all of which is downloadable in a variety of file formats and versions)
  • View and download marketing support material (e.g. brochures, logos, fact sheets, videos and artwork for offline marketing materials)