Production process


Welcome back at Bru Academy part 2.

In this video, we are going to talk about the production process. What we may see as a starting point of the production process is the conformation of the order of Klaas and Janneke to the retailer Van de Oever. Van de Oever now places this order in the Woontotaal concept.



Delivering tailor-made curtains and floors is quite a handful. When the customer comes into the store, he hands over his wishes and required sizes.

Not only does the salesman have to give his customers advice, but he also has a lot more to consider. He needs to do all the calculations himself and fill in the order. Suppliers and workshops receive the order and have to transfer it to the system manually. By having to take many steps, something could go wrong and then you might have to start all over again. There is a better way to operate.

SievalDeco is a software that connects everyone in the branch and make sure that the information goes to the right place. SievalDeco is equipped with all products of connected suppliers.

The software will calculate the amounts automatically, after the salesman and the customer have filled in all required information. It will alert you of any inaccuracy.collected by a digital rangefinder could even sent to SievalDeco, suppliers and workshops. This way, they will know exactly what to do. The salesman could also track the order at any time

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This confection house is selected by Van de Oever in the process of placing the order with Woontotaal. What we will see now is a video explaining the value of van der Lelie confection house in the value chain.

The video shows the whole process of how the product, window sheer is put together. The process includes cutting and sewing the fabric until the final step of assembling the fabric to other components.

After Woontotaal has placed the order with ensuing a house Van der Lelie. Woontotaal will place the fabric order with the wholesaler.
Normally, the shipment will take place within 24 to 48 hours. The fabric will shipped from the wholesaler to Van der Lelie as confectioner’s house.

Every wholesaler has its own signature such as assortment and price positioning. Wholesalers often supports the retailers with materials in their sales process. The main tools they are using is the samples. Retailers can present the products to the customers in its full colour range. Also, wholesalers can support the retailers with materials to create mood board for its customers.
Among those materials to support the retailers, training is also a very common tool offered by wholesalers. The ultimate support there is, is the shop-in-shop presentation. This is usually given to the key accounts.

Converting this to the situation of Klaas and Janneke, the production now will be running at Van der Lelie. Soon, the curtains and window decoration will be ready to ship and delivered to the retailer Van de Oever.

Finally the retailer receives, 2 weeks after order placement, the customized curtains. An appointment is made with the end-user and the hardware and new curtains are placed.

The end result: Happy customers !