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Once the model is complete, a photo- and product-realistic image can be rendered digitally, by covering the model with any one of Bru’s digital fabrics and colouring the whole scene. From a simple dining chair, to a Chesterfield sofa, these renders are produced to look exactly like the real product.

Within TwinBru we make a distinction between 3 types of renders:

  • Product display render – illustrating only the look of the fabric in the form of a flat shot, twist, wrinkled, wave, ball or close up image
  • Product application render – illustrating the look of one fabric in a specific application, e.g. on a sofa, chair, pouf, bed or as a curtain or blind in a neutral environment
  • Curated scene - render illustrating the look of one or more fabrics applied on a piece of furniture or a curtain in a fully decorated environment