Window decoration, linen

Welcome to the Bru Academy Presentation 1.

This presentation covers the customer journey of window decoration, linen as natural fibre and Bru Full Solution

My name is Roger Duffhuis, I present together with Brigitte Gyselinck.

First we are going to follow a customer journey of an end-user couple. Secondly we dive into the story of linen and finally we take a look at the Bru Full Solution.


We are going to follow the customer journey of Janneke and KlaasTheir last child left the house recently. Empty nest syndrome is building with Janneke. She suggests that new window decoration would help to soften the empty nest burden. After they have taken the decision to invest in window decoration in their living room the orientation process starts.

As first step in their off-line orientation stage Janneke and Klaas decided to visit the Living Mall Alexandrium in Rotterdam. They were overwhelmed by the offering, were impressed, but it was also clear to them This was not their ideal shopping experience. However, it gave them a first impression of what is available on the market.


As second step in offline orientation they bought some interior design magazines, VT Wonen and MTC, both magazines are in line with their style preference. The couple then discussed ideas on how to create a certain atmosphere with the window decoration.
The offline orientation steps are now followed by on line orientation. They used Google as their search engine to get some ideas and inspirations. By using keywords such as country and interior. This is because they were certain that the country style is what they were looking for. The VT Wonen website is not offering the inspiration they are looking for So, they continued using Google for their research.
They have defined their style of preference as ‘country’. Using this keyword at Google brings them to visuals that inspire them at Pinterest, which prove to belong to the brand Jasno Shutters.

Janneke and Klaas shared their Jasno interest and considerations with friends and family. They received positive feedback and reviews From both online and offline.
With help from the dealer locator on the website of Jasno, they have been able to find the closest dealer. This dealer is called Van de Oever and is located in Geldermalsen.J & K decide to pay them a visit next Saturday

The next step is the first stage of the buying process. For J & K feels like orientation, for the retailer it is the starting point of the selling process.
After their experience at Alexandrium J & K are aware that they want personal advice and support in an inspiring environment. That is the added value they require from the ‘point-of-buying’.


Value cumulation scheme. Showing the positioning of retailers in regards to the value the offer to the end-user.

From left to right.

Looking at the left there are some elements/activities, which creates experience an end user has on window decoration. Firstly, somebody has to take measurements of the window decorations at the dimensions.

Secondly, it is important to have the confection according to the wishes of the end-user.

Thirdly, there is the installation of the product. During this activity, we will need hardware, rods, and maybe with some rings. We also need the fabric to be confectioned and installed together. In this situation with the end-user, we need interior design advice. This is the basic element to the end user to make the decision.

Looking at the scheme, on the left side we see functionality and price. These are an opportunity to add some other values in this selection and buying process. We can add some emotional elements to the fabrics. Because we find that to be valuable, we can make style more important. Later on, at a certain moment/ stage we could climb up to exclusivity.

Left under the scheme you can see the diagram legend. This gives you information that indicate E is the end-user and R means the retailer. Whenever these functions are filled-in by the end-user themselves or they hand it over to the retailer. On the left side, we see the purchasing of ready-made fabrics and on the right side, we see a turnkey full-service concept of the interior designer. In between them, there are several options.

The first two columns are for example fabrics ready-made solutions for window and from there onwards to the right side these are solutions made-to-measure. This is where Klaas and Janneke choose which position they desire for the buying process.

Looking at this scheme, they are somewhere in the middle, the couple needs the window decoration for functionality. There is also a certain awareness about budget as well as its appearance. Lastly, they would like to receive a service that will offer them a supportive and advice driven process in making the selection.

The selection & buying process. Several steps lead to ordering the window decoration.

The end-users decide to visit the retailer showroom on Saturday, Van den Over in Geldermalsen, a member of the buying group ‘Binnenhuisadviseurs’. The salesperson they meet provides short introduction and inventories the demand, the initial connection is created, the first rapport has been made. The sales person suggests the end-users to come back on a suitable, more quieter moment when full attention can be given by one of the stylists to work out the perfect solution.

The salesperson makes rapport at this stage and secures confidence.

An appointment is being made and the sales persons suggests the end-user to have a look at the ‘Binnenhuis Adviseurs’ video on their website which expresses the promise of the retailer and feeds the expectation of the end-users.


Welcome at ‘Binnenhuis Adviseurs’ , advisors for floor, wall and window. These three elements are always connected in an interior. Besides atmosphere, we also take all practical issues in consideration.

First we help you to choose from our 5 living style your preferred atmosphere, your personal style. Secondly we will present you product options within your personal style preference. We offers our own ‘Binnenhuis Adviseurs’ collection, attractively priced, and well known A-brands.

We are always up-to-date with the latest trends and technical innovations.

Our service goes all the way. we love to Visit you, at your home, so we can get a good impression of light and layout. This enables us to advise you the best possible customized solution. Additionally, by being at your house we Would be able to take the measurements to make sure that installation will be a worry free final step.

And to make sure you can lean back, the installation will be done by our own, well experienced, installation team.

In this way, all your wishes could come true. To make sure you can enjoy your new interior To the fullest so you can enjoy the new.

Advise at the store takes place. One of the stylists completes the inventory and suggests fabric / confection / hardware solutions. Three possible fabric options are the end result.

Advise at home is the next step. The stylist visits Janneke and Klaas at home, presents the three options and support the process of The decision making which is Kobe’s Chunga. As J & K do not want a Plain fabric but love the structure of the Chunga. the stylist has offered the option of creating a wide stripe with two colors of Chunga One is more aubergine and the other one is more aqua. A roomhigh 100 % linen in between

During this advise at home the stylist takes also the measurements of the window decoration. The retailer provides an offer, confirming pricing of fabric – confection – hardware and delivery time.
The order is confirmed by the end-users. The retailer starts preparing ordering the window decoration. As final step, placement@home takes place.