Wyzenbeek Double Rubs

Wyzenbeek refers to the mecahnical test performed on fabrics to assess their durability and performance against abraison. Unlike the Martindale test which moves in a circular motion, the Wyzenbeek moves in a linear motion creating a back and forth movement - also known as one 'Double Rub'. Individual test specimens are cut from the warp and weft directions and placed in the Wyzenbeek machine which then rubs these back and forth using a standardised 'cotton duck' fabric as the abradant. For fabrics containing polypropylene or polyolefin, the cotton duck is substituted for 'wire screen' due to compatibility to ensure a fair test.

Depending on the end use of the fabric, a result between 20,000 is considered sufficient for domestic upholstery, and from 40,000 for contract upholstery.